About us

ndondo Holdings has over the years become the Technology partner of choice for
many organizations. Founded in 2006 as a bespoke software design and
development organization, it has evolved to focus primarily on data related
solutions and services, which include, but not limited to, Data Migration, Master
Data Cleansing and Governance, Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence,
Machine Learning, Internet of Things, IT Project Management and Consulting.

Over and above servicing customers in its home territory, South Africa, ndondo has
serviced organizations in Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Singapore,
amongst others.

ndondo is most proud of its 12 years of unblemished track record.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Use of Templates

Because of the years of experience, ndondo has developed reusable
templates for many of the solutions, making deployment of solutions more
efficient, fast and cost-effective.

Cost Effectiveness

While the provision of unequaled high quality people and services is nonnegotiable, our prices highly are. Over and above them being highly
competitive to begin with.


Commitment to our partner’s or customer’s success underpins all that we
do at ndondo. That coupled with honesty and transparency sets us apart
from our peers.

Our mission

We strive to be the South African Data and IT Project Management Gold Standard. With the customer delightful experience being in the center of all we are about.

Our experience

Data Migration 90%
Master Data Cleansing and Governance 80%
Business Intelligence 85%
Artificial Intelligence 70%
Machine Learning 60%
Internet of Things 50%
IT Project Management 75%
People and Consulting 80%
SAP Hana 65%
SAP Data Services 75%